Hacking Web Applications And Pentesting

Web applications are often the front door attacker’s use to hack into organization enterprises networks. This course will teach attendees on advance technique attacker’s use to penetrate their target. The OWASP top vulnerabilities will be covered in this training, the attendees will learn tools, technique attacker’s use on daily basics on our web applications. After this training attendees will be able to find critical vulnerabilities affecting modern day applications today.

Burp Suite Professional or Free Edition will be used for this training

Who Should Attend This Training

  • Web Application Pentester
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Software Engineers

· Anyone interested on how security of web application works

Advanced Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking or pen testing is on the rise as adversaries get more sophisticated the need for ethical hackers cannot be overemphasized. This course is been taught by some of the best pentesters in the industry, this training will focus on real world example used in ethical hacking every day. This training will combine the use manual and automated use of tools in pentesting environment.

Who Should Attend This Training

  • Network Security Engineers
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Operation Center Analyst

What Should I Bring?

A PC or Macbook Pro,tools for the training will be shared among the attendees on the day of the training.

NB:To enroll for this training, kindly send an e-mail to

For Working Professionals kindly indicate your Name, Company name,please no free email will be allowed

For students, indicate your Name, University Name and your address.

Required Materials

Kali Linux VM

NB To enroll for this course kindly send a mail to

OR 09024634777

Advanced OSINT and Social Engineering

As a social engineer OSINT is one of the most preferred method to use before crafting your phishing attack. The training will show the methods attackers use to infiltrate a network.

Course Outline

Crafting your phishing attack

Using Maltego as a Leverage

Lookalike domains of your targets

Social Media Recon (Linkedin,Facebook,Twitter and other social networks)

Required Materials

Kali Linux VM

Who Should Attend This Training

  • Digital Forensics Analyst
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • White Hats

What Should I Bring?

A PC or a MacBook laptop


Attendees are expected to be familiar with google and other search engines,port scanning tools like NMAP.A little knowledge of scripting (Python most desirable)

Price N 40,000

NB:To enroll for this training kindly send us an email at